Online International Math Challenge

Beyond encouraging an interest in mathematics, International Math Challenge helps prepare students for competition. For better or worse, much of life is competition, be it for prizes, jobs or resources or whatever.

  • Are you confident in yourself?
  • Do you think you have enough problem solving skills?
  • Are you capable of thinking outside the box?
  • To find out where you stand in international arena.

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Participating Countries

500 schools from 70 countries already registered! Compete in one of the world’s most attended math competitions and see where you stand!

Background and Aim

During this global pandemic period we witness, students and teachers are forced to shift to the online learning system.

This makes it hard for both teachers and their students to focus and keep motivated. Furthermore, many international competitions and Olympiads face postponements or even cancellations in the time where we need even more of these events. International Math Challenge (IMC) is a competition which has been held for nine years and hosted many brilliant international students from all around the globe to compete in Thailand. IMC IX in early 2020 was participated by more than 900 students from 60 schools in 17 countries.

Aiming to encourage students to study and excel in math and critical thinking, and also to keep both teachers and students motivated in this hard times, we decided to have an online version of International Math Challenge which will be held on 8-9 October, 2020. This event is hoped to motivate students see math in a different light, have their interest stimulated in the subject and think how they can apply math in their future studies and daily life.

How to Join?


Who Can Participate?

The competition will be conducted in English and Thai, full online and is open to all students from any type of schools all around the world. In this Online IMC, students will compete individually under four categories i.e. grades 4-5, grades 6-7 and grades 8-9, and grades 10- 11.

Category 1Grade 4Prathom 4Year 5Year 49 Years
Grade 5Prathom 5Year 6Year 510 Years
Category 2Grade 6Prathom 6Year 7Year 611 Years
Grade 7Matthayom 1Year 8Year 712 Years
Category 3Grade 8Matthayom 2Year 9Year 813 Years
Grade 9Matthayom 3Year 10Year 914 Years
Category 4Grade 10Matthayom 4Year 11Year 1015 Years
Grade 11Matthayom 5Year 12Year 1116 Years


– Apart from the main prices, top 3 finalists of each category will receive 100% discount in International Math Challenge X (IMC) that will be held in the February 2021, Bangkok, Thailand*.
– Other participants will be given certificates according to their achievements.
– All participants will be given certificate of participation.

* Local (600 THB) and International (500 USD) participation fee will be waived in IMC X



Sample Questions

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