• About IRC

    What material or robotic set can we use?

    IRC 2020 is designed for LEGO-like Mindstorms, Lego Boost, Lego NXT, or other Lego parts and motors (Lego Power functions) and MRT Series, MRT-X & HUNA educational robot kits. (www.myrobottime.co.th)

    What is the ideal team size?

    The ideal team size is 3 members. However, if the team cannot make 3 members in their team, they can apply with the 2 members.
    As IRC organization we do not suggest to join the robotic challenge as an individual since the competition requires teamwork or collaboration to complete the task. But still, if there is no option to make team, you may apply to join as an individual competitor.

    What is the size of robot?

    The size of the robot for IRC II 2020 is 15x15x15 inches cube. It could be smaller than this size but cannot be the greater size than this measurement.
    The robots during the practice day and final day will be inspected with 15x15x15 inches clear acrylic cube.

    Can robot be driven autonomous and remote controlled at the same time in one round?

    No, this cannot be done in the same round, however, you may start every round one of the options, autonomous or remote-controlled.

    Is the game field going to be surrounded by the perimeter?

    Yes, the game field will have a game perimeter.

    Is the game field going to be on the floor or on the elevated object?

    First IRC was designed on the floor, so for the IRC II 2020 we are still working on this to set up the best way for the better challenge environment.